When you come to Erik Swanson Orthodontics, you join our Orthodontic Family!!  Our office takes tremendous pride in providing you with the Exceptional Services you deserve.  We are incredibly humbled by the kindness of our Orthodontic Family members. We are touched by all of the holiday cards we receive, as well as the flowers, cakes, and donut baskets brought by YOU -our patients, for us.

Don't just take our word for it !!  Check out some of the amazing shout outs from our Erik Swanson Orthodontic Family members.....

“We consulted Dr. Swanson about our son’s lower molar that is erupting nearly horizontal. Our wish was to take whatever measure to upright it and save that tooth. Upon reviewing X-rays and photos, Dr. Swanson gave us comprehensive treatment options and recommended a precise course of action. Unlike other orthodontists who seemed more interested in getting new patients, Dr. Swanson was most concerned with what is BEST for my son. He patiently spent the time to clearly answer all of our questions; he was methodical and covered the pros and cons of each option. We really appreciated his sincerity and his willingness to help us. He reminds me of those rare breed of doctors who volunteers their time and resources to carry out the hippocratic oath.”

— Lawrence L.

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Swanson. First, he is amazing with our girls, who are both going through braces. Dr. Swanson explains to them clearly what he is doing and is patient, calm, and just so friendly; they love his sense of humor. He also has gone way way above and beyond the call of duty: We were heading off on a two week vacation out of the country, when a piece of the retainer became dislodged. We called Dr. Swanson late at night. Little did we know he was camping with his family. He drove hours early in the morning to fix the issue before we went on vacation. I felt terrible that he went to such great lengths but was so appreciate of his effort. Finally, the teeth look great, Dr. Swanson knows his stuff and the results have exceeded expectations.”

— Joseph K.

“Dr. Swanson was a pleasure to work with: He’s both extremely smart and great at communicating the work being done. Here are a few of the highlights:
—He worked around my schedule. His allowance of late appointments made scheduling my visits pain-free and easy.
— Cutting-edge technology. For example, when offering Invisalign, he was able to scan for fit instead of making an impression. Everything in his office is new and modern.
— He was always super friendly, making the actual appointments relaxed and enjoyable. Highly recommended!”

— Matt W.

“Our experience with Dr. Swanson and his whole staff was the best experience I have ever had at any doctor’s office for my daughter. Dr. Swanson is not only a great orthodontist, he is a great guy and someone you would want to know socially. He is always cracking funny jokes and making my daughter and I laugh. He and his staff make you feel comfortable, and the level of care and results we got were stellar. His admin staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly and really work with you financially. They are not only professional but also great people! Don’t look any further ... just book your appointment with Dr. Swanson. My daughter’s teeth look amazing in a short amount of time and she and I are so happy with her results!”

— Kristie S.

“Dr. Swanson is an outstanding orthodontist.  After five years of wearing braces as a teenager, and subsequently not being diligent in keeping my retainer in, thirty years later, my teeth were not looking so good. I was not interested in metal braces. Dr. Swanson recommended Invisalign, and I have completed treatment with him. My teeth look wonderful, and I can only attribute it to Dr. Swanson’s extremely high standards. He is a perfectionist, which is a trait one wants in their orthodontist. Dr. Swanson has a terrific bedside manner, and he has always made me feel very comfortable. If and when the time comes for my daughter to get braces, Dr. Swanson will be the one to do it. His office staff is so pleasant and friendly, and the office and surroundings are modern and beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr. Swanson to anyone in search of a top-notch orthodontist!”

— Melissa B.

“Dr. Swanson is great! I was in an accident and had my front teeth bashed in late in the evening in a tennis practice. I called Dr. Swanson and he agreed to come and see me in his office that evening and help me with this traumatic situation. When I got there, I was still in shock but he helped me calm down and also prescribed some pain medicine to carry me through until the next morning. He was very caring, and after having a good look at my teeth and assessing my situation, he helped me get set up with a great oral surgeon and orthodontist first thing next day.
“Now that my teeth are fully reinserted and healing well I can’t wait to go see him for the final realignment. He went above and beyond for someone who had not even been his patient before this (I had heard very good things about him from my tennis friends, and one suggested calling him). He has a very light and precise touch and was there for me in a very difficult situation and made it a lot better. Thank you, Dr. Swanson!”

— Sylvia  H.

“I switched to Dr. Swanson after three years of unsuccessful braces treatment with my prior orthodontist. The previous terrible experience made me very suspicious of orthodontists’ ability of finishing my case. After doing tons of online research and getting recommendations from friends and co-workers, Dr. Swanson became my final pick!
“I have to say that Dr. Swanson is a miracle worker. Switching to him is the best choice that I ever made! After a little more than two years’ treatment with him, I finally got my braces off just a couple days ago and the result is successful. (How exciting!!!) Dr. Swanson and his team are superb! Dr. Swanson is very intelligent, patient, personable, available, and clear in his communications. His team is very friendly and caring. The office is state-of-the-art, modern, and pleasant.
“Even further, he has fair pricing for what he does for you, despite my rather complicated case (according to other orthodontists and oral surgeons I have seen).
“I highly recommend Dr. Swanson and his team to anyone interested in orthodontic work!”

— Ying C.

“Dr. Swanson and his team are awesome. I decided to get braces at age 50 (female) and my treatment was 23 months. Dr. Swanson’s office is state-of-the-art and applies the latest technologies and solutions for orthodontics. He and his staff are super friendly and informative. I’ve never had to wait in the lobby more than 1-2 minutes for an appointment and was usually in and out in about 30 minutes. I must say I will miss going there now that my braces are off and I have a beautiful smile (as of a few weeks ago!). Most of all I will miss their groovy 80s music which they have on in the background. The staff and I had some good laughs over that music. I highly recommend Dr. S. and his team!”

— Nancy G.

“My 14-year-old daughter has been going there for some orthodontist work for the past three months. He has explained the processes and has made my daughter feel really good as to what is going on with the process and how the progress has been coming along. My daughter has been to many many dentists before Dr. Swanson, and from the first visit and experience she had with the entire office staff she was hooked. She loved it, so my wife and I were static to have found a doctor that our kids loved going to.
“The office is clean, VERY high tech, and they have lots of nice touches, all the staff is polite and on top of their game.
“Another huge plus? EVERY time we have been there ON TIME! we were not left waiting 1/2 an hour because of poor scheduling.
We have always hated going to the dentist. We have gone to so many and left feeling judged or shamed, or simply irritated by them being rushed or late.
“We REALLY recommend this office on every level they are all AWESOME.”

— Enrique C.

“Dr. Swanson was referred to us by my dentist in San Jose:  This is a wonderful place. Dr. Swanson is great with kids, explains everything well (without being patronizing!), and radiates friendly, easygoing energy. He gives the impression of being so skilled and knowledgeable, he makes us feel at ease. We trust him completely.
“It’s rare to find a professional who hires super-friendly staff, but Quynh (who runs the office) is welcoming, friendly, and super organized. We also met (for the first time) the other day his colleague, who took impressions and fitted my son for his brackets and such. She is incredibly nice too! Everyone seems to be at the top of their game. The entire office is spotless, they run a paperless filing system (environmentally conscious!), and they seem to run on time. This is the first time I’ve had every single appointment with a medical professional start at the scheduled time; none of the usual waiting. All in all, they deserve a perfect score.”

— Fiona M.

The braces are off and replaced with a damn fine looking smile!! I cannot stop smiling. :) I had particularly stubborn teeth. Dr. Swanson is also a perfectionist, like myself, so we hung on until they were exact. It was worth all the extra time. In fact, I'm so freakin' thrilled with my new teeth that I would have easily endured another six months to look this fabulous.

  • Not that it matters, but his office is really clean and comfortable. The office is also equipped with some seriously fancy equipment.
  • His front office receptionist is always courteous, helpful and generally lovely. I was never ignored when I went up to the desk, there were never any scheduling issues, and Maria was very efficient at her job.
  • The assistant in the back is awesome. She was very friendly, competent, funny, always careful. I hope Dr. Swanson pays her well- She is a key part as to why I feel so awesome about this office and my new teeth.
  • Dr. Swanson is patient, funny and flexible. He is also a bit of an arteeest. If one can be an artist in contouring teeth he is the man. It's amazing. I seriously had a bad experience with my recent orthodontics but he fixed them in just 10 months! No more ugly teeth.In addition to being straight, they are now perfectly shaped. I never imagined that they would look this good.

I have a follow up appointment in 8 weeks to see that the my retainers are doing there job. I think I'm actually going to miss them. How often does someone say that about their orthodontist?

— Maria S.

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